current projects

Hernando FL, 9.31 KWp 


Project in Hernando FL

more completed installations in 2012/2013




The photovoltaic park GW EnergyTec Windhausen was promptly completed on 29.06.2012 and is in technical operation!

14.208 Module
209 Solar Inverters.



NTV (Niedersächsischer Tennisverband), NTV Bad Salzdetfurth, 298 KWp





Bremerhaven, Hooksiel 270 KWp auf 18 Häusern/Wohnanlagen and 730 KWp in Peine

Wehlens Heddoburg 29,86 KWp

Rosenthal 22,8 KWp Ost-Westdächer


Rosenthal 24,5 KWp G+W EnergyTec GmbH & Co. KG


Peine 29,64 KWp Firma Schwalenberg

Bremerhaven 58,4 KWp

Bremerhaven 28,42 KWp

Bremerhaven 6 Häuser a 5,5 KWp

Bremerhaven Heckert 23 KWp




realized projects in Hernando FL, Peine, Rosenthal, Essinghausen, Oedesse, Lehrte, Hannover, Algermissen, Seck, Kamp-Lintfort, Moers, Bremerhaven Hooksiel, Edemissen,

Braunschweig,Wehlens, Asel, Schwicheldt, Oberg, Evern, Vöhrum, Wendeburg, Schwülper, Stedum, Adenstedt, Ohof, Hämelerwald, Reyhen, Stuttgart, Mehrum usw.



18 KWp Hooksiel


29,86 KWp Kamp-Lintfort


Autohaus Tschesche in Rosenthal mit
40,2 KWp



Rißland GmbH Rosenthal 53,60 KWp

Metatec Hildesheim 58 KWp



G+W EnergyTec Inc. in USA


The MW Roofing Company was founded by Manfred Wiedera (on the left side) in 1997 and after working with Andreas Greinke (on the right side) on Solar projects, the G+W EnergyTec emerged. In the middle our electrican, Swen Schreiber.

The CEO’s Manfred Wiedera and Andrew Greinke have installed systems in partnership, but the great success in the field of renewable energy has led to the new company, G+W EnergyTec in 2010.

MW Roofing Company has successfully completed large PV projects over the last 15 years and now as the G+W EnergyTec we have completed even more. This can be viewed in our extensive customer testimonials.  

The photovoltaic park G+W EnergyTec Windhausen was promptly completed on 29.06.2012 and is in technical operation!

We commit to Excellency

We assure a professional consultation which is backed by knowhow from 15 years in the trade and over 18 years in the industrial implementation of commercial projects.

Through our experience we have the capabilities to complete residential and commercial projects in short time periods. We provide analysis of data; perform network assessments, acquire building permits, perform the mechanical and electrical installation of the project, and final connection to your grid provider.

G+W EnergyTec ist offizieller Exklusivpartner des NTV,

Niedersächsischer Tennisverband e.V.



new Servicecar G+W EnergyTec

14.208 panels, 209 inverters, 3.480 KWp, ca. 3.200.000 KWh per year



Großes Industriedach in Kamp-Lintfort mit 1.659 Modulen von Scheuten Solar mit insgesamt 340 KWp







NTV Niedersächsicher Tennisverband e.V. Bad Salzdetfurth

Asel, zwei Carports mit zusammen 65 KWp Fertiggestellt am 30.03.2012